Dressed Up

Dressed Up, a renowned dress rental service here in Ireland, sought our services to streamline their existing business model of renting designer dresses through Instagram. Our team worked closely with Dressed Up’s stakeholders to understand their objectives and deliver a customized solution. We implemented an intuitive e-commerce platform with advanced features that provided enhanced convenience and transparency for both Dressed Up and their customers.


The team over at Dressed Up. required a fully functional e-commerce platform that enabled them to track and manage their dress rentals online.

This proved to be both a hit with the team and their customers as it simplified their dress rental process.


Since transitioning from solely an Instagram business to a fully functional e-commerce dress rental service, the company has experienced tremendous growth.  In addition, the website is seeing over 1000 visitors each week, which shows that the company is successfully driving traffic to their site through various marketing efforts. The move to a fully functional e-commerce platform has allowed the company to increase its offerings and reach a wider audience.